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Booking.com only shows certifications recognized by the Travalyst Organization.

You can see here, which certifications these are:


In order for your certification data to be transferred from BeCause to Booking.com automatically, the following criteria all has to be met:

  1. The certification lives up to the Travalyst criteria as mentioned above.
  2. The certification is active (not expired). A certification is only considered active, if it has an expiration date set in the future. If the certification (likely accidentally) has no set expiration date, then it is not shown since there is no guarantee, it is not expired in that case. The expiration date has to be explicitly set. If your expiration date is wrong or is missing for your certification, please ask the certification body to add the correct data.
  3. The certification is validated by the certification body. If the certification body provided the certification body to BeCause, it is already validated. If you added your certification, or if you have edited it, then they need to revalidate the data is correct.

If the above criteria are fulfilled, your certification will be shown on Booking.com. It may take up to a week for the changes to be shown.

If after a week you cannot see the data, and if all of the mentioned criteria on this page is fulfilled, then please contact BeCause's chat-support (available in the corner of this page).

Only Travalyst recognized certifications are shown on Booking.com. Click here to see which these are.

Booking.com pulls data from BeCause once a week. Thus your data can take up to a week to be live. You may also be lucky with your timing and it is live almost right after you edited it.